About Us


Craftsmen Diamonds is proud to promote the highest standards and ethics with the Indian Jewelry Industry. We strive to ensure that our business continues to develop and produce products which will continue to thrill and enchant the owners. Our challenge is to make sure that our products have the same degree of wonder and delight as those which fulfilled the aspirations of previous generation of connoisseurs.

Our company’s designers and craftsmen are being constantly challenged to keep the heritage alive through a continuous process of reinvention and innovation.

We are one of finest Diamond jewellery manufacturers, we offer an exclusive range of certified fine Diamond jewellery with ethnic and fascinating designs of Diamond bangles, rings, necklace sets, earrings etc. Our Diamond jewellery are unique as we follow highest quality and precision in Diamond setting standards.

Our range of Diamond jewellery gives a feeling of pleasure and wonder to the users. Our creativity gets inspiration from life & nature, since then manufacturing jewellery has always been looked upon as a creative challenge to bring alive natures beauty in various expressions.

We constantly keep on creating new designs as our firm is studded with highly talented, young & professional jewellery designers, so as to keep a competitive edge in designer jewellery manufacturing.